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Welcome to the Fortnite Shop, each day this section populates with the latest Fortnite shop selections, We wonder what Fortnite goodie's are in store today.

Current Fortnite Shop Rotation August 15th 2018 New items: 1 hours, 10 minutes, 23 seconds

The items listed here are what is currently available in the Fortnite Battle Royale Shop - the fortnite shop updates daily - Q&A about the fortnite shop.

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Legendary Flytrap Outfit



Legendary Leviathan Outfit



Epic Planetary Probe Glider

Planetary Probe


Epic Venus Flyer Glider

Venus Flyer


Epic Battle Pass Tiers Misc

Battle Pass Tiers


Epic Global Axe Pickaxe

Global Axe


Rare Tendril Pickaxe



Epic Squat Kick Emote

Squat Kick


Rare Wiggle Emote



Rare Empire Axe Pickaxe

Empire Axe


Uncommon Scarlet Defender Outfit

Scarlet Defender


Coming Soon

These are some of the items that are coming soon to the Fortnite Shop so hold on tigh to those V-Bucks.

Legendary <a href=Bamboo Back Bling" title="Legendary Bamboo Back Bling">


coming soon

Epic Blasting Cap Back Bling

Blasting Cap

coming soon

Legendary Stabilizer Back Bling


coming soon

Legendary Destabilizer Back Bling


coming soon

Legendary Deflector Back Bling


coming soon

Legendary Battle Shroud Back Bling

Battle Shroud

coming soon

Epic Boogie Down Emote

Boogie Down

coming soon

Uncommon Storm Salutation Emote

Storm Salutation

coming soon

Uncommon Steadfast Glider


coming soon

Epic Royale Bomber Outfit

Royale Bomber

coming soon

Epic Pathogen Back Bling


coming soon

Epic Contagion Back Bling


coming soon

Legendary Warpaint Outfit


coming soon

Legendary Skirmish Back Bling


coming soon

Legendary Rose Team Leader Outfit

Rose Team Leader

coming soon

Legendary Pursuit Back Bling


coming soon

Legendary Mertank Back Bling


coming soon

Questions & Answers about the Fortnite Shop

Fortnite shop today?

The items listed in the shop for today can be seen above check back each day for an updated shop cosmetics list, you can also see the counter displaying the time when the shop will be updated.

Fortnite shop rotation?

The fortnite shop rotates it's items everyday just once.

Fortnite shop items?

The fortnite shop has items that you can purchase with V-Bucks the in game money you can use for fortnite.

Fortnite shop right now?

The items listed in the shop right now can be seen above in today's forntie shop inventory.

Fortnite item shop live?

Yes the fortnite shop is live sometimes the shop is down for maintenance, this is usually when there is an update for fortnite.

Fortnite item shop today?

The fortnite shop is avaible everyday all day unless it's in maintenance mode.

Fortnite shop history?

We started this service on the 17th May 2018 so as a result we only have the shop history from that point you cvan view the shop history here.

Fortnite item shop tomorrow?

Take a look at the items that are coming up for fortnite to get an idea of the possible fortnite items in the shop tomorrow.

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