Fortnite Umbrella List

Every fortnite Umbrella item that is currently available in the awesome game that is Fortnite Battle Royale.

"what are all the Umbrellas in Fortnite?" All of the the Fortnite Umbrellas can be found on the item list below. Q&A about Fortnite Umbrellas.

Image Details Type Rarity Obtained
Common Founder's Umbrella Umbrella Founder's Umbrella umbrella common STW Beta + Win
Common Paper Parasol Umbrella Paper Parasol umbrella common Win (S3)
Common Snowflake Umbrella Snowflake umbrella common Win (S2)
Common The Umbrella Umbrella The Umbrella umbrella common Win
Common Wet Paint Umbrella Wet Paint umbrella common Win (S4)
Common Beach Umbrella Umbrella Beach Umbrella umbrella common Win (S5)

Questions & Answers about Umbrellas

What are Fortnite Battle Royale Umbrellas?

Umbrellas (Umbrella Skins) in Fortnite Battle Royale. Awarded for winning the game (Victory Royale) These can be equipped in the Locker instead of the Glider.

How do I get Umbrellas in Fortnite?

Umbrellas are Awarded for winning the game.

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