Fortnite Pickaxe List

Every fortnite Pickaxe item that is currently available in the awesome game that is Fortnite Battle Royale.

"what are all the Pickaxes in Fortnite?" All of the the Fortnite Pickaxes can be found on the item list below. Q&A about Fortnite Pickaxes.

Image Details Type Rarity Obtained
Epic AC/DC Pickaxe AC/DC pickaxe epic Tier 63 (S2)
Epic Bitemark Pickaxe Bitemark pickaxe epic 1,200
Epic Bottom Feeder Pickaxe Bottom Feeder pickaxe epic 1,500
Epic Candy Axe Pickaxe Candy Axe pickaxe epic 1,500
Epic Chomp Jr. Pickaxe Chomp Jr. pickaxe epic 1,500
Epic Death Valley Pickaxe Death Valley pickaxe epic 1,500
Epic Disco Brawl Pickaxe Disco Brawl pickaxe epic 1,500
Epic Eva Pickaxe Eva pickaxe epic Tier 46 (S3)
Epic Global Axe Pickaxe Global Axe pickaxe epic 1,200
Epic Onslaught Pickaxe Onslaught pickaxe epic Level 45 (S4)
Epic Party Animal Pickaxe Party Animal pickaxe epic 1,500
Epic Pick Squeak Pickaxe Pick Squeak pickaxe epic 1,500
Epic Pink Flamingo Pickaxe Pink Flamingo pickaxe epic 1,500
Epic Pot O' Gold Pickaxe Pot O' Gold pickaxe epic 1,200
Epic Raider's Revenge Pickaxe Raider's Revenge pickaxe epic 1,500
Epic Rainbow Smash Pickaxe Rainbow Smash pickaxe epic 1,500
Epic Renegade Roller Pickaxe Renegade Roller pickaxe epic 1,200
Epic Trusty No. 2 Pickaxe Trusty No. 2 pickaxe epic Tier 79 (S3)
Epic Oracle Axe Pickaxe Oracle Axe pickaxe epic 1,200
 Patty Whacker Pickaxe Patty Whacker pickaxe 500
 Axercise Pickaxe Axercise pickaxe 500
 Jingu Bang Pickaxe Jingu Bang pickaxe 1,200
Epic Permafrost Pickaxe Permafrost pickaxe epic 250,000 XP
Epic Rift Edge Pickaxe Rift Edge pickaxe epic 100,000 XP
Epic Controller Pickaxe Controller pickaxe epic coming soon
Epic Thunder Crash Pickaxe Thunder Crash pickaxe epic 1,200
Epic Skull Sickle Pickaxe Skull Sickle pickaxe epic 1,200
Rare Airfoil Pickaxe Airfoil pickaxe rare 800
Rare Anarchy Axe Pickaxe Anarchy Axe pickaxe rare 800
Rare Autocleave Pickaxe Autocleave pickaxe rare 800
Rare Axecalibur Pickaxe Axecalibur pickaxe rare Tier 35 (S2)
Rare Axeroni Pickaxe Axeroni pickaxe rare 800
Rare Batsickle Pickaxe Batsickle pickaxe rare 800
Rare Carrot Stick Pickaxe Carrot Stick pickaxe rare 800
Rare Cliffhanger Pickaxe Cliffhanger pickaxe rare 800
Rare Close Shave Pickaxe Close Shave pickaxe rare 800
Rare Cutting Edge Pickaxe Cutting Edge pickaxe rare 800
Rare Director's Cut Pickaxe Director's Cut pickaxe rare 800
Rare Dragon Axe Pickaxe Dragon Axe pickaxe rare 800
Rare Empire Axe Pickaxe Empire Axe pickaxe rare 800
Rare Gale Force Pickaxe Gale Force pickaxe rare Tier 7 (S4)
Rare Glow Stick Pickaxe Glow Stick pickaxe rare 800
Rare Instigator Pickaxe Instigator pickaxe rare Twitch Prime
Rare Lollipopper Pickaxe Lollipopper pickaxe rare Tier 46 (S4)
Rare Persuader Pickaxe Persuader pickaxe rare 800
Rare Plunja Pickaxe Plunja pickaxe rare 800
Rare Positron Pickaxe Positron pickaxe rare Level 30 (S4)
Rare Pulse Axe Pickaxe Pulse Axe pickaxe rare Tier 7 (S2)
Rare Reaper Pickaxe Reaper pickaxe rare 800
Rare Sawtooth Pickaxe Sawtooth pickaxe rare Tier 7 (S3)
Rare Silver Fang Pickaxe Silver Fang pickaxe rare 800
Rare Ski Boot Pickaxe Ski Boot pickaxe rare 800
Rare Spectral Axe Pickaxe Spectral Axe pickaxe rare 800
Rare Spectre Pickaxe Spectre pickaxe rare 800
Rare Spiky Pickaxe Spiky pickaxe rare 800
Rare Stop Axe Pickaxe Stop Axe pickaxe rare 800
Rare Tat Axe Pickaxe Tat Axe pickaxe rare 800
Rare Tenderizer Pickaxe Tenderizer pickaxe rare Twitch Prime
Rare Tooth Pick Pickaxe Tooth Pick pickaxe rare 800
Rare Slam Dunk Pickaxe Slam Dunk pickaxe rare 800
Rare Nite Owl Pickaxe Nite Owl pickaxe rare 800
Rare Tendril Pickaxe Tendril pickaxe rare 800
Rare Vuvuzela Pickaxe Vuvuzela pickaxe rare 800
Rare Propeller Axe Pickaxe Propeller Axe pickaxe rare 800
Rare Fated Frame Pickaxe Fated Frame pickaxe rare 800
Rare Razor Edge Pickaxe Razor Edge pickaxe rare 800
Rare Magnifying Axe Pickaxe Magnifying Axe pickaxe rare 800
Rare Crimson Axe Pickaxe Crimson Axe pickaxe rare 800
Rare Studded Axe Pickaxe Studded Axe pickaxe rare 800
Rare Forebearer Pickaxe Forebearer pickaxe rare 800
Rare Piledriver Pickaxe Piledriver pickaxe rare 800
Rare Harpoon Axe Pickaxe Harpoon Axe pickaxe rare 800
Rare Rescue Paddle Pickaxe Rescue Paddle pickaxe rare 800
Rare Clutch Axe Pickaxe Clutch Axe pickaxe rare 800
Rare Balloon Axe Pickaxe Balloon Axe pickaxe rare Tier 15 (S5)
Rare Filet Axe Pickaxe Filet Axe pickaxe rare 800
Rare Lug Axe Pickaxe Lug Axe pickaxe rare Tier 30 (S5)
Rare Pointer Pickaxe Pointer pickaxe rare coming soon
Rare Power Grip Pickaxe Power Grip pickaxe rare coming soon
Rare Cat's Claw Pickaxe Cat's Claw pickaxe rare 800
Rare Iron Beak Pickaxe Iron Beak pickaxe rare 800
Rare Throttle Pickaxe Throttle pickaxe rare 800
Rare Crowbar Pickaxe Crowbar pickaxe rare High Stakes Challenges
Rare Flatliner Pickaxe Flatliner pickaxe rare 800
Rare Turbine Pickaxe Turbine pickaxe rare 800
Rare Harvester Pickaxe Harvester pickaxe rare 800
Rare Carver Pickaxe Carver pickaxe rare 800
Uncommon Ice Breaker Pickaxe Ice Breaker pickaxe uncommon 500
Uncommon Lucky Pickaxe Lucky pickaxe uncommon 500
Uncommon Tactical Spade Pickaxe Tactical Spade pickaxe uncommon 500
Uncommon You Shouldn't Have! Pickaxe You Shouldn't Have! pickaxe uncommon 500
Uncommon Elite Cleat Pickaxe Elite Cleat pickaxe uncommon 500
Uncommon Victory Lap Pickaxe Victory Lap pickaxe uncommon 500
Uncommon Caliper Pickaxe Caliper pickaxe uncommon 500
Uncommon Drumbeat Pickaxe Drumbeat pickaxe uncommon 500
Uncommon Lead Swinger Pickaxe Lead Swinger pickaxe uncommon 500
Uncommon Tree Splitter Pickaxe Tree Splitter pickaxe uncommon 500
Uncommon Axcordion Pickaxe Axcordion pickaxe uncommon 500
Common Pickaxe Pickaxe Pickaxe pickaxe common Default

Questions & Answers about Pickaxes

What are Fortnite Battle Royale Pickaxes?

Pickaxes (Harvesting Tools) in Fortnite Battle Royale. Can be purchased in Cash Shop or earned through the Battle Pass.

How do I get Pickaxes in Fortnite?

There are two methods to get Pickaxes (Harvesting Tools) in the game they are Awarded for progression in the game, you will need to have the fortnite battlepass to unlock Pickaxes as you play. You can also purchase Pickaxes for V-Bucks when they become available in the fortnite shop.

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