Umbrella Cosmetics

These are all of the latest umbrella cosmetic items that we have found in the Fortnite game. You can see the rarity detail of each item and information on how to get the umbrella item in the game.

Common Webrella Umbrella


Win (S6)

Rarity: common

Common Beach Umbrella Umbrella

Beach Umbrella

Win (S5)

Rarity: common

Common Wet Paint Umbrella

Wet Paint

Win (S4)

Rarity: common

Common The Umbrella Umbrella

The Umbrella


Rarity: common

Common Snowflake Umbrella


Win (S2)

Rarity: common

Common Paper Parasol Umbrella

Paper Parasol

Win (S3)

Rarity: common

Common Founder's Umbrella Umbrella

Founder's Umbrella

STW Beta + Win

Rarity: common

Questions & Answers about Umbrellas

What are Fortnite Battle Royale Umbrellas?

Umbrellas (Umbrella Skins) in Fortnite Battle Royale. Awarded for winning the game (Victory Royale) These can be equipped in the Locker instead of the Glider.

How do I get Umbrellas in Fortnite?

Umbrellas are Awarded for winning the game.

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