Uncommon Sparkler Emote

Uncommon Sparkler Emote



Uncommon Sparkler Emote

This is the Uncommon Sparkler Emote for Fortnite.

"how to get the Uncommon Sparkler Emote in Fortnite?"

The Uncommon Sparkler Emote is obtained by completing 200 in the game, checkout the latest Fortnite Shop items.

Other Fortnite Emote's

Image Details Type Rarity Obtained
Uncommon Breaking Point Emote Breaking Point emote uncommon 200
Uncommon Brush Your Shoulders Emote Brush Your Shoulders emote uncommon 200
Uncommon Click! Emote Click! emote uncommon 200
Uncommon Dip Emote Dip emote uncommon 200
Uncommon Face Palm Emote Face Palm emote uncommon 200
Uncommon Finger Guns Emote Finger Guns emote uncommon 200
Uncommon Gun Show Emote Gun Show emote uncommon 200
Uncommon Jubilation Emote Jubilation emote uncommon 200
Uncommon Respect Emote Respect emote uncommon Tier 54 (S4)
Uncommon Rock Paper Scissors Emote Rock Paper Scissors emote uncommon 200
Uncommon Salute Emote Salute emote uncommon Tier 10 (S3)
Uncommon Slow Clap Emote Slow Clap emote uncommon 200
Uncommon Snap Emote Snap emote uncommon 200
Uncommon Storm Salutation Emote Storm Salutation emote uncommon coming soon
Uncommon Take 14 Emote Take 14 emote uncommon 200
Uncommon Thumbs Down Emote Thumbs Down emote uncommon 200
Uncommon Thumbs Up Emote Thumbs Up emote uncommon 200
Uncommon True Love Emote True Love emote uncommon 200
Uncommon Wave Emote Wave emote uncommon Tier 5 (S2)
Uncommon Red Card Emote Red Card emote uncommon 200
Uncommon Waterworks Emote Waterworks emote uncommon 200
Uncommon Bring It Emote Bring It emote uncommon 200
Uncommon Sparkler Emote Sparkler emote uncommon 200
Uncommon Thumbs Down Emote Thumbs Down emote uncommon 200
Uncommon Finger Wag Emote Finger Wag emote uncommon 200
Uncommon Gentleman's Dab Emote Gentleman's Dab emote uncommon Tier 6 (S5)
Uncommon Hot Stuff Emote Hot Stuff emote uncommon 200
Uncommon Job Well Done Emote Job Well Done emote uncommon 200
Uncommon Battle Call Emote Battle Call emote uncommon 200
Uncommon Fist Pump Emote Fist Pump emote uncommon 200
Uncommon My Idol! Emote My Idol! emote uncommon 200
Uncommon T-Pose Emote T-Pose emote uncommon 200
Epic Breakin' Emote Breakin' emote epic 800
Epic Disco Fever Emote Disco Fever emote epic 800
Epic Electro Shuffle Emote Electro Shuffle emote epic 800
Epic Freestylin' Emote Freestylin' emote epic Twitch Prime
Epic Fresh Emote Fresh emote epic 800
Epic Groove Jam Emote Groove Jam emote epic Tier 95 (S4)
Epic Reanimated Emote Reanimated emote epic 800
Epic Rock Out Emote Rock Out emote epic 800
Epic Rocket Rodeo Emote Rocket Rodeo emote epic 800
Epic Rocket Spinner Emote Rocket Spinner emote epic 500
Epic Squat Kick Emote Squat Kick emote epic 800
Epic Star Power Emote Star Power emote epic 800
Epic The Robot Emote The Robot emote epic Tier 95 (S3)
Epic Boogie Down Emote Boogie Down emote epic coming soon
Epic Pop Lock Emote Pop Lock emote epic 800
Epic True Heart Emote True Heart emote epic 800
Epic Hula Emote Hula emote epic 800
Epic Breakdown Emote Breakdown emote epic Tier 95 (S5)
Epic Intensity Emote Intensity emote epic 800
Epic Llama Bell Emote Llama Bell emote epic 800
Epic Dance Therapy Emote Dance Therapy emote epic 800
Epic Shake It Up Emote Shake It Up emote epic 800
Epic Vivacious Emote Vivacious emote epic 800
Epic Smooth Moves Emote Smooth Moves emote epic 800
Epic Drop The Bass Emote Drop The Bass emote epic 800
Rare Best Mates Emote Best Mates emote rare Tier 63 (S3)
Rare Boneless Emote Boneless emote rare 500
Rare Chicken Emote Chicken emote rare 500
Rare Confused Emote Confused emote rare 500
Rare Dab Emote Dab emote rare 500
Rare Flapper Emote Flapper emote rare 500
Rare Flippin' Sexy Emote Flippin' Sexy emote rare 500
Rare Floss Emote Floss emote rare Tier 49 (S2)
Rare Hootenanny Emote Hootenanny emote rare 500
Rare Hype Emote Hype emote rare Tier 63 (S4)
Rare Kiss Kiss Emote Kiss Kiss emote rare 500
Rare Make it Rain Emote Make it Rain emote rare 500
Rare Orange Justice Emote Orange Justice emote rare Tier 26 (S4)
Rare Popcorn Emote Popcorn emote rare Tier 31 (S4)
Rare Pure Salt Emote Pure Salt emote rare 500
Rare Ride the Pony Emote Ride the Pony emote rare Tier 20 (S2)
Rare Step it Up Emote Step it Up emote rare 500
Rare Take The L Emote Take The L emote rare Tier 31 (S3)
Rare The Worm Emote The Worm emote rare Tier 28 (S2)
Rare Tidy Emote Tidy emote rare 500
Rare Wiggle Emote Wiggle emote rare 500
Rare Zany Emote Zany emote rare 500
Rare Baller Emote Baller emote rare 500
Rare Laugh It Up Emote Laugh It Up emote rare 500
Rare Rambunctious Emote Rambunctious emote rare 500
Rare Kick Ups Emote Kick Ups emote rare 500
Rare Rawr Emote Rawr emote rare 500
Rare Eagle Emote Eagle emote rare 500
Rare Infinite Dab Emote Infinite Dab emote rare 500
Rare Twist Emote Twist emote rare 500
Rare Flippin' Incredible Emote Flippin' Incredible emote rare 500
Rare On the Hook Emote On the Hook emote rare 500
 Living Large Emote Living Large emote 500
 Go! Go! Go! Emote Go! Go! Go! emote 200
 Work It Out Emote Work It Out emote 500
Rare Calculated Emote Calculated emote rare Tier 46 (S5)
Rare Hand Signals Emote Hand Signals emote rare 500
Rare Pumpernickel Emote Pumpernickel emote rare 500
Rare Swipe It Emote Swipe It emote rare Tier 63 (S5)
Rare You're Awesome Emote You're Awesome emote rare Tier 31 (S5)
Rare Capoeira Emote Capoeira emote rare 500
Rare Fancy Feet Emote Fancy Feet emote rare 500
Rare Praise The Tomato Emote Praise The Tomato emote rare 500
Rare Hitchhiker Emote Hitchhiker emote rare 500
Rare Something Stinks Emote Something Stinks emote rare 500
Rare Sprinkler Emote Sprinkler emote rare 500
Common Dance Moves Emote Dance Moves emote common Default

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