Epic Bear Force One Glider

Epic Bear Force One Glider

Bear Force One


Epic Bear Force One Glider

This is the Epic Bear Force One Glider for Fortnite.

"how to get the Epic Bear Force One Glider in Fortnite?"

The Epic Bear Force One Glider is obtained by completing 1,500 in the game, checkout the latest Fortnite Shop items.

Other Fortnite Glider's

Image Details Type Rarity Obtained
Epic Bear Force One Glider Bear Force One glider epic 1,500
Epic Cloud Strike Glider Cloud Strike glider epic 1,200
Epic Deep Space Lander Glider Deep Space Lander glider epic 1,200
Epic Get Down! Glider Get Down! glider epic Tier 14 (S2)
Epic High Octane Glider High Octane glider epic Tier 100 Challenge
Epic Intrepid Glider Intrepid glider epic Tier 79 (S4)
Epic Orbital Shuttle Glider Orbital Shuttle glider epic 1,200
Epic Planetary Probe Glider Planetary Probe glider epic 1,200
Epic Rusty Rider Glider Rusty Rider glider epic 1,200
Epic Slipstream Glider Slipstream glider epic Twitch Prime
Epic Wings of Valor Glider Wings of Valor glider epic Tier 39 (S4)
Epic Hang Time Glider Hang Time glider epic 1,200
Epic Venus Flyer Glider Venus Flyer glider epic 1,200
Epic Pterodactyl Glider Pterodactyl glider epic 1,200
Epic Split Wing Glider Split Wing glider epic 1,200
Epic Viceroy Mark I Glider Viceroy Mark I glider epic 1,200
Epic Terminus Glider Terminus glider epic 1,200
Epic Servo Glider Servo glider epic 1,200
Epic Conquest Glider Conquest glider epic Tier 39 (S5)
Epic Splashdown Glider Splashdown glider epic Tier 79 (S5)
Epic Airlift Glider Airlift glider epic 1,200
Epic Shadow Puppet Glider Shadow Puppet glider epic 1,200
Epic Dirigible Glider Dirigible glider epic 1,200
Epic Field Wraith Glider Field Wraith glider epic 1,200
Epic Crypt Cruiser Glider Crypt Cruiser glider epic 1,200
Legendary Royale Dragon Glider Royale Dragon glider legendary 2,000
Legendary Laser Chomp Glider Laser Chomp glider legendary 1,500
Legendary Hot Ride Glider Hot Ride glider legendary 1,500
Legendary Frostwing Glider Frostwing glider legendary 1,500
 Flying Saucer Glider Flying Saucer glider 1,200
 Windbreaker Glider Windbreaker glider 500
 Cyclone Glider Cyclone glider 1,200
 White Squall Glider White Squall glider 1,200
Rare Blue Streak Glider Blue Streak glider rare PS Plus
Rare Cozy Coaster Glider Cozy Coaster glider rare 800
Rare Feathered Flyer Glider Feathered Flyer glider rare 800
Rare Googly Glider Googly glider rare 800
Rare Gum Drop Glider Gum Drop glider rare 800
Rare Half Shell Glider Half Shell glider rare 800
Rare Prismatic Glider Prismatic glider rare 800
Rare Rainbow Rider Glider Rainbow Rider glider rare Tier 15 (S3)
Rare Stage Dive Glider Stage Dive glider rare 800
Rare Sugar Crash Glider Sugar Crash glider rare Tier 15 (S4)
Rare Voyager Glider Voyager glider rare 800
Rare Zephyr Glider Zephyr glider rare 800
Rare Starry Flight Glider Starry Flight glider rare 800
Rare Forerunner Glider Forerunner glider rare 800
Rare Libre Glider Libre glider rare 800
Rare Flappy Glider Flappy glider rare coming soon
Rare Tie-dye Flyer Glider Tie-dye Flyer glider rare 800
Rare Safecracker Glider Safecracker glider rare 800
Rare Oktoberfeast Glider Oktoberfeast glider rare 800
Rare Lamplight Glider Lamplight glider rare 800
Uncommon Aerial Assault One Glider Aerial Assault One glider uncommon 500
Uncommon Carbon Glider Carbon glider uncommon Tier 39 (S3)
Uncommon Checker Glider Checker glider uncommon 500
Uncommon Fighter Kite Glider Fighter Kite glider uncommon 500
Uncommon Fossil Flyer Glider Fossil Flyer glider uncommon 500
Uncommon Glow Rider Glider Glow Rider glider uncommon 500
Uncommon Hot Rod Glider Hot Rod glider uncommon 500
Uncommon Jolly Roger Glider Jolly Roger glider uncommon 500
Uncommon Mainframe Glider Mainframe glider uncommon 500
Uncommon Mako Glider Mako glider uncommon Level 25 (S1)
Uncommon Meltdown Glider Meltdown glider uncommon 500
Uncommon Modern Glider Modern glider uncommon 500
Uncommon Petunia Glider Petunia glider uncommon 500
Uncommon Raptor Glider Raptor glider uncommon 500
Uncommon Roadtrip Glider Roadtrip glider uncommon 500
Uncommon Royale X Glider Royale X glider uncommon Tier 42 (S2)
Uncommon Sir Glider The Brave Glider Sir Glider The Brave glider uncommon Tier 35 (S2)
Uncommon Snow Squall Glider Snow Squall glider uncommon 500
Uncommon Solid Strider Glider Solid Strider glider uncommon 500
Uncommon Steadfast Glider Steadfast glider uncommon coming soon
Uncommon Stealth Glider Stealth glider uncommon 500
Uncommon Storm Sigil Glider Storm Sigil glider uncommon 500
Uncommon Triumph Glider Triumph glider uncommon 500
Uncommon Warthog Glider Warthog glider uncommon 500
Uncommon Wasp Glider Wasp glider uncommon 500
Uncommon Goalbound Glider Goalbound glider uncommon 500
Uncommon Rhinestone Rider Glider Rhinestone Rider glider uncommon 500
Uncommon Cruiser Glider Cruiser glider uncommon Tier 7 (S5)
Uncommon Downshift Glider Downshift glider uncommon Tier 22 (S5)
Uncommon Flying Fish Glider Flying Fish glider uncommon 500
Uncommon Helium Glider Helium glider uncommon coming soon
Uncommon Rush Glider Rush glider uncommon coming soon
Uncommon Blaze Glider Blaze glider uncommon 500
Uncommon Purrfect Glider Purrfect glider uncommon 500
Uncommon Dark Glyph Glider Dark Glyph glider uncommon 500
Common Founder's Glider Glider Founder's Glider glider common STW Beta
Common Glider Glider Glider glider common Default

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